C.3 – Special CREEPTest machines with AC low-engine speed and cooling chamber

Electromechanical testing machines of the C.3 series in a vertical four-column design up to 500 kN keeping a constant load by means of a central loading mechanism consisting of a central ball screw and a special mounting of a precision cycloidal gearbox with integrated AC servo drive. These machines are designed for performing long-term low-cycle fatigue in the 1st quadrant up to a frequency of 2 Hz, determination of crack expansion, creep, stress relaxation in the material, corrosion resistance, etc.

Main advantages and features:

  • Robust vertical four-column frame with high rigidity, coaxiality, durability, long-life and maintenance-free operation.
  • These machines are designed to perform long-term low-cycle fatigue in I. or III. quadrant up to 2 Hz, determination of crack propagation, creep, material stress relaxation, corrosion resistance, etc.
  • Machine design in accordance with EN ISO 204, ASTM E 292 and ASTM E139.
  • EDCi measuring and control electronics and special linear actuator.
  • Accuracy class 1 according to EN ISO 7500-1 in the range of 0.3 to 100% of the load.
  • Preparation for connection of high temperature furnaces and chambers, including control and other accessories.



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