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You have chosen the pendulum impact tester CHK 450J. for the pendulum impact tester quotation, please, be so kind and grant us your 5 minutes time.

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  1. You have chosen a pendulum impact tester 450J. Please, choose a type: standard – J, instrumented J – I or instrumented with adjustable angle J-IA
  2. Are you going to test at random or regularly? If regularly, how many specimens in 24 hours?
  3. Are you going to use your own concrete fundament or do you want to deliver a foundation made by us?
  4. Do you require lower energy values? (150,300?)
  5. Which testing standards are you going to test with (ISO,ASTM,GOST or other)?
  6. Which specimens type do you prefer (V,U2,U5)?
  7. Do you want to perform a tensile impact test?
  8. Do you want to cool down the specimens? If so, please select a preferred cooling chamber from this list.
  9. Which software language do you prefer (CZ,EN,RU,FR,PL)?
  10. Do you want a software module IMPACTTest-T – a communication module between the temperature chamber and the CHK 450J.
  11. Do you want other accessories for the machine: If so, please select that from the accessories list. Please select the type name (f.ex. notching machine VRE or optical check device OptoLab 55II).
  12. Do you want machine commissioning? If so, please write the delivery address.
  13. Who is the final customer?

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